Coach Kyle Branding

September 2, 2023

Brand Discovery

When Kyle approached me about this project, he was at ground zero with this new business. He was equipped with loads of experience in his field and had a grand vision of where it could go, but he didn’t have a clear route to get there.

Digging Into the Details

When starting this project, we knew he would need the basics, such as a logo, website, and business card. But before we could tackle those deliverables, we needed to lay a foundation to build on.

To get started, we worked through some brand strategy exercises to better understand his purpose, mission, and vision, as well as deep-diving into who his ideal customer is. All of this helped us develop brand traits that would directly affect how we approached the design phase of the project.

Moodboard and Stylescape

With a clear idea of Kyle’s values, brand traits, and ideal customers, we could move forward with creating visual concepts.

Logo Concepts

After solidifying our design direction, we were able to move into logo concepts.

Since this brand is very personal to Kyle himself, we decided to pursue a monogram-style logo mark. We wanted the mark to be pretty minimalist and abstract but still have some identifiable elements to it.

Refining the Logo

Once the final mark was decided on, we spent some time fine-tuning what would become the end result.

Final Logo

While there is way more to a brand than a logo, a finalized logo is always a big step for a startup to suddenly feel real.

With the logo finalized, we were able to move into designing the tools needed to start driving business.

Website Design

Since we had already done the work of brand strategy and mood boarding, we were able to quickly move through the website design process. We crafted copy that would clearly communicate what problem Kyle is helping solve, and how his services help improve the lives of his clients.

Business Cards

Kyle knew this startup was going to take a fair amount of face-to-face networking to get off the ground, so it was critical to have a business card that he could leave with potential clients.

“I worked with Eli S to help me start my business. He was very helpful with starting to market my idea and helping to narrow down what I wanted it to look like. He designed a website for me which got plenty of compliments and works great! He is very friendly and easy to work with, and I would recommend working with him to anyone who needs help with branding, website development, or marketing assistance. 5/5 star experience.”

~ Kyle V

See the project on Behance